April 19, 2016

Yost Theater Engagement | Maya & Arturo

Yost Theater Engagement | Maya & Arturo

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Sometimes They Just Fit Together

I will admit it, I’m a sucker for true love. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I started a wedding photography business? Being in Orange County allows me to meet some truly wonderful people and it allows me to shoot photos at some pretty unique locations such as this recent Yost Theater engagement session.

This is a story about true love. I just shot Maya and Arturo’s engagement session at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana. Personally, I had never been there before, but I am so glad they told me about it. It was a pretty cool spot with some awesome wall art in the center of downtown Santa Ana. Who knew? Without question I will be definitely go back!

Both Maya and Arturo love spending a lot of time with their friends and surround themselves with the company of others often. There’s a lot of love in the room when they are present.

Maya and Arturo’s beautiful love story will commence this coming fall season in the city of Orange when they tie the knot. Enjoy their love story….

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Maya and Arturo’s Love Story

Maya’s Perspective….

Q:           How did you first meet Arturo?

A:            We met at a hardcore show.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Q:           Upon first meeting Arturo, what were your first thoughts?

A:            My immediate reaction was he’s cute. And then I found out he was local which was cool to hear. But ultimately he was just a smooth talker.


Q:           Tell us about your first date and what was your favorite moment?

A:            Our first date was actually a burlesque show. My favorite moment was after the show, just walking around, talking and getting to know one another more at dinner.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Q:           What is it about Arturo that sets him apart from the rest?

A:            We’re very much alike, but we still manage to bring out different aspects of each other and we embrace that.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Q:           How did Arturo propose and were you surprised?

A:            He proposed during our trip to New Orleans on the ferry to Algiers. I had my suspicions but I was very much surprised, for I did not expect it to happen that way and was thoroughly happy it happened the way it did.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Arturo’s Perspective….

Q:           What do you and Maya do for work?

A:            I work in technology and Maya works in customer service.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Q:           Besides your proposal, what would you say was the best date you ever planned for Maya?

A:            For her 25th birthday, I surprised her throughout the whole weekend. I blindfolded her and took her out dinner at The Boiling Crab, while several of her best friends were waiting there. The following day I surprised her with Bobby Lee comedy show at The Improv in Irvine. Lastly, I surprised her by taking her to Disneyland for the day.

Q:           What is it about Maya that made you realize you wanted to marry her?

A:            I’m literally able to share every single aspect of my life with her. Whether it’s being lazy or painting the town red, she’s excited to spend that time with me.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Q:           Planning weddings can be stressful, but there are good times as well.  What have you enjoyed most about the planning process and how have you both grown closer together?

A:            What we’ve enjoyed most is when things fall into place. After finding our venue we learned that we just have to relax and trust in God to let things happen on His accord.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Q:           Why did you propose the way you did?  Do you think Maya knew what you had planned?

A:            I always wanted to propose in the fall season, and with our New Orleans trip already in the works, I realized that would’ve been the perfect opportunity. It was our first vacation together and proposing would’ve made our trip all that more memorable. She didn’t have any idea! And it was awesome getting to surprise her that way.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)

Q:           What is your number one tip to couples that are thinking about getting married?

A:            Communication is key and don’t stress out too much. You’re gonna be married for the rest of your lives, but you’re only engaged for a brief period of time. Enjoy yourselves throughout it all and remember that in the end, it’s your day, not anyone else’s.

Photo by: Three16 Photography (www.Three16photography.com)


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