February 18, 2017

Bell Towers Wedding in Rancho Santa Margarita | Isai & Heather

Bell Towers Wedding in Rancho Santa Margarita | Isai & Heather

Does the Parking Business Really Bring People Together?

As a wedding photographer here in Orange County, I get the privilege to witness many inspiring weddings. The story of Isai and Heather proved that point nicely. Isai & Heather’s Bell Towers Wedding in Rancho Santa Margarita was absolutely wonderful.  The couple was just stunning as Heather was glowing with pure joy, while Isai wore the world’s biggest smile on this day. Normally, they are quiet, kind and gentle, but today they let it all hang out. I found their wedding unique in the way they paid tribute to loved ones who have passed away, showed their love for Disney and included their love for live music. Real touching.

One of the nice aspects of this journey with Isai and Heather is that I met them through one of my favorite vendors, Illuminated Events and their coordinator Alissa. But it didn’t stop there as we worked alongside an amazing team of vendors that just worked well together for the bride and her groom.

Isai and Heather’s Story….

Q: How did you both first meet?
A: It has been so long we don’t remember how we officially met, but Isai remembers first seeing me in the trailer where we worked at the time.

Q: What did you do for your first date?
A: According to the way Isai felt, every time we hung out it was a date to him.

Q: What do you both do for work?
A: We both work in the parking business.

Q: How did Isai propose?
A: It was on Heather’s 26th birthday (Memorial Day 2014).  We went on a picnic at a park that I (Isai) managed (the parking), under a gazebo decorated with assistance from our sisters. It was draped in red linen with red rose petals scattered on the table and floor, along with three bouquets of flowers.  It was nice.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about planning your wedding?  How has it brought you two closer together?
A: I think we have both enjoyed the whole process; finding out that we actually agree on pretty much everything. We are a team and are only getting married once, so we manage to find a way to laugh at the little things that may go wrong.

Q: Where are you going for your honeymoon, and why did you decide there?
A: Europe (the Mediterranean) because we wanted to visit Venice on our honeymoon.

Q: What three words would best describe Isai?  And Heather?
Isai: Heather is Kind, Loving and Caring.
Heather: Isai is Determined, Smart and Loving.


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