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Big bear lake

Big Bear Lake engagement photos

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discovering southern California engagement locations:

big bear LAKE

One our favorite locations that we truly love for taking your engagement photography is up at Big Bear Lake. Big Bear Lake is Southern California’s premier location for your engagement photography session. Three16 Photography will capture your intimate Big Bear Lake Engagement Photos located up in Big Bear Mountain. Truly different experience.

This is one of the better mountain areas to shoot in the local area. Not only do you have the scenery of the lake, mountains, trees and clouds, but you get the added bonus of the cabins and the little shops that surround the lake area. These dwellings bring out so much personality to the background of your photos that you might just fall in love all over again.

The photos that we get here are nothing like what we can get in Orange County or Los Angeles. The hills, water and the trees are beautiful looking and if you have a wintertime photo shoot, there is a chance for snow. Snow is a lot of fun to shoot photos in and if you are a skier or snowboarder, then we can incorporate those hobbies into your shots. With a little luck the lake itself will freeze over and that can bring a whole other element to your shots.

What is also nice is that after doing some hiking, there is always time for a hot bowl of chili or take a small drive over to the nearby Snow Summit or San Moritz Lodge, which is a beautiful wedding venue and lodge.

Although Big Bear is the closest mountain area without driving much further, it is still a bit of a drive at approximately an hour-and-a-half to two hours from Orange County. So, if you can plan a day date and don’t mind the drive, you simply cannot go wrong with Big Bear Lake engagement photos.

If you are an outdoors type of couple and this matches your personality, and you like that woodsy, mountain style, then you will love how your photos will turn out at Big Bear Lake. One item to note with Big Bear, there is a small travel fee added to your package, but the fun you will have will be worth the fee.

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