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Newport Beach Jetty engagement photos

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One of the most well-known cities in Orange County is Newport Beach. The history, the homes, the places to eat, the landmarks and did I mention, the beach? Newport Beach, along with its famous pier and rock jetties are a must see for all that venture here. As a location for an engagement photo session, it offers so much variety that it’s hard to pass up. Newport Beach Jetty Engagement Photos taken by Three16 Photography will provide you wonderful memories in your family’s history.

We love all the beaches along the California coast, and especially in Orange County, but one of the reasons we love Newport Beach so much is all the uniqueness it brings. The jetty area of Newport Beach, which is known to the locals as West Jetty View Park or The Wedge, is located at the end of the Balboa Peninsula, which takes you out to the open ocean and is a huge hit for the many that surf there as they waves can get quite large. Of course, if you are having your engagement session here, having some large waves in your photos would be quite different than the typical beach engagement session.

Other than the jetties themselves and some beautiful scenery from pretty expensive homes, this beach area doesn’t have a lot to offer for your photos that the main beach in Newport has. This area does have a small area of grass, lots of palm trees, a medium-sized beach area and views of Corona del Mar State Beach that is just across the way. You can have the jetty rocks in your background, but due to safety purposes, we cannot walk on the rocks themselves.

If time permits, we can venture down to the Newport Beach Pier. It has underlining stilts that are made of wood and has not been transformed into cement, which allows the under belly of the pier to transcend some really awesome backdrops for your photographs. So, if you are planning a photo session at this location, expect to go under the pier as one of our photo spots.

Another cool aspect we will incorporate into your photos is the little village-like area next to the parking lot. It includes such iconic places such as Dory Fleet Fish Market with its vintage look to the building. Also near the boardwalk area is McFadden Square Centennial Monument that can bring a different look to your photos and of course, there is several other options such as small concession shops that sell food and trinkets. Regardless, of where we go in along this stretch, Newport Beach makes for a beautiful engagement session.

If time still permits, we can go a little inland and walk around Newport Island, which is home to the Lido Theater and other points of interest. There is also Balboa Island and the Balboa Fun Zone nearby as well.

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