Oak Glen Preserve

Setting: Nature

39611 Oak Glen Rd
Yucaipa, CA 92399

About oak glen preserve

For couples that are looking for a location that is something truly unique for their engagement photography, you should consider Oak Glen Preserve. As a wildland’s conservancy, Oak Glen Preserve is a beautiful mountainous area that takes you back to a simpler time. Oak Glen Preserve Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful nature to your engagement photos. 

Oak Glen can be confusing as some sources list the address in Oak Glen, while others list it as Yucaipa. Really, it’s the same. But regardless of the city, if you took the 10 freeway to Oak Glen Road and go north, the road winds around and you will get to your destination.

The Preserve itself is in one location, but Oak Glen is a spread-out area that brings that simpler lifestyle and, in some areas, a colonial-like feel to it. Oak Glen Preserve has a nature-like feel that will bring a rustic personality to your engagement photos, as it is a real nice patch of forest. Oak Glen Preserve shares the property with Riley's Los Rio Rancho. So, if you went to Los Rio Rancho, parking for the Preserve is to the right side of the parking lot of the centralized shopping area. The Preserve is a great location for nature and because this is an old farm area, you will see an older-style wagon out in front of Los Rios which works well for portrait photography as a great prop in your photos.

Certain times of the year will have varying degrees of highlights for this area. For example, if you go in the fall, there are natural pumpkin patches and apple picking in the orchards. The pumpkin patches and apple picking areas are the domain of Los Rios Rancho, which rents the restaurant, store and apple orchards from the Oak Glen Preserve. For portrait photography in those areas, we must get written permission from Los Rios Rancho's management.

In addition, there are other areas nearby that we can stop at too. Down the road there is Riley’s Farms which has that old colonial-style buildings on its property and if we go even further there is the Village. The Village has petting zoos, little shops, bands playing on the weekends on an old wood stage while you sit and enjoy your BBQ lunch or eat at Apple Anne’s for some of the best apple pie and turnovers you will ever try.

Oak Glen is also the closest thing in Southern California to host the fall colors that you generally only get back east.

This is hands down a great location for a daytime date and your engagement photo session. So, if you are looking for something outdoors and unique, shooting your Oak Glen Preserve engagement photos at this location will be ideal. One item to note with Oak Glen, there is a small travel fee added to your package, but the fun you will have will be worth the fee. You can learn more about the conservancy by visiting wildlandsconservancy.org/preserve_oakglen.html.

Some locations are subject to permit and/or travel fees.

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