February 25, 2021

Irvine Regional Park Engagement | Ryan & Berenice

Orange County Engagement Photographer


Photographing couples such as Berenice and Ryan, reminds us how much we love what we do for a living. Two people really in love with each other and both coming off as very humble, always makes our job as professional photographers that much easier. And they’re a couple that just raves about their dog, Kona, to the point that Kona will be in their wedding. How awesome is that? Ryan & Berenice’s Irvine Regional Park Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography brings memories for a lifetime at this very naturesque park.

Actually, located in Orange, Irvine Regional Park is one of our absolute favorite places to shoot engagement photography at. Some of the reasons we love this park is that it has the typical green grass that you would expect to see in a park, but it also features many trees, which gives it a forest-like scenery. These particular type of natural surroundings are great to photograph, and they tend to look really good in pictures as well. In addition, this park is easy to move around at, which often allows us to get more of a variety of photos shot in a short time. Other ideas for photos here would include a small area of cactus that gives you a desert-like feel, a pond and a small community waterfall in the background as well.

Like many couples that we photograph, Ryan and Berenice started off a little shy in front of the camera as it appeared they may never have had to pose before. Very common. But after a while, they became much more comfortable, to the point that their session became more playful and loving, and you can truly feel that these two were really meant to be together. Their personalities really played off each other quite well throughout the session.

With their wedding day set for September 19 of 2020, the staff of Three16 Photography would really like to thank Ryan and Berenice for allowing us to be part of your special day and we wish you both, and Kona, many years of love and happiness.

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