Segerstrom Center for the Arts

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600 Town Center Dr
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


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Orange County is filled with a variety of options for your engagement photo session. We have the beaches of our amazing coastline, regional parks and downtown urban areas just to name a couple. But what about something that is urban, but fancier? Without question, we are talking about the Segerstrom Center for the Arts! Segerstrom Center for the Arts Engagement Photos in Costa Mesa by Three16 Photography will provide you with beautiful memories captured for a lifetime.

Formerly known as the Orange County Performing Arts Center, this venue opened in September of 1986 and is located across the street from the South Coast Plaza. The goal of the center was, and still is, to bring world-class performing arts to the county.

Opportunities for great engagement photos are endless here. The building itself has some really amazing architecture with arched entry ways, large windows and walls that were designed with curvatures. On the grounds themselves, there is quite a bit of beautifully cut and manicured green bushes, winding pathways, wood benches with planters that have a nice array of plant choices. And of course, there are several sculptures and other pieces of art placed around the complex. In addition, next to Center’s theater entrance, tucked back in the corner is a great little place that makes for a great wedding venue called the Center Club.

If time permits, there are some other options nearby that you can consider such as the South Coast Plaza itself, or about a mile down the street are both The Lab-Anti Mall and across the street from them is The CAMP. After your session is over, there is plenty to see and do down here, as well as some mighty good food options.

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