May 22, 2019

Treasure Island Beach Engagement | Ben & Jenny

Jenny and Ben’s Treasure Island Laguna Beach Engagement session was so much fun to shoot! These two were such a blast to work with, and the sunset lighting was perfect for some cozy and romantic portraits. We’re also so excited to shoot their wedding next month at The Historic Cottage at San Clemente State Beach.

You just HAVE to read their awesome proposal story- and of course the rest of their amazing love story!

Q. How & when did you first meet? Describe your thoughts / how you felt about each other. Was it love at first sight?

A. We first met at Hapa J’s. Jenny thought Ben was very handsome and Ben wasted no time asking for Jenny’s digits so he could call her.

Q. What do you both do for work?

A. Ben is a service technician for a car dealership and Jenny works for a flavor company.

Q. GROOM: What was it that made you first start liking your bride-to-be?

A. She was laid back and easygoing.

Q. Tell us about your first date. What was going through your mind? Where did you go, what did you do?

A. We went to El Torito in the Dana Point Harbor, Ben was worried about Jenny liking him and hoping we’d work out. Jenny loved listening to his stories and funny jokes that made her laugh.

Q. What makes your relationship special? Tell us some things that you both value in your time together. 

A. We value being in the moment and enjoying our time together. We love to go boating on the river in the summer and off-roading in the desert in the winter.


Q. Tell us about your proposal story! How / where did it all unfold? Who cried first? Were you surprised?
A. Jenny definitely cried, and our niece clapped. We were at Hapa J’s with two of our best friends (Jennys Cousin Rachel and her husband Matt and their daughter -Jenny’s niece- Summer) and Rachel and Matt were discussing planning Rachel’s bachelorette party and she said, “OMG if you get engaged we could plan it together.” and Ben said to Jenny, “Don’t you have to be engaged to plan a bachelorette party?” Jenny responded to Ben with, “Oh, and whose fault is that?!” Ben then pulled out the ring from his pocket and said, “Jenny will you marry me.” Meanwhile, Rachel shouted OMG and started hitting Jenny on the arm in delight, and Jenny so gracefully responded with, “What the F&@$ is that?” then grabbed it out of Ben’s hand and put it on her finger and replied with, “Wait, you didn’t get down on one knee!” and Ben said, “Well you didn’t say yes.” Jenny then joyfully accepted and they kissed while Summer clapped with glee and the restaurant gave them a glass of Champagne on the house.

Q. What is one piece of advice you have for couples just beginning the wedding planning process? What have you enjoyed most about planning your wedding?

A. Make sure that you listen to your instincts when booking different vendors for your wedding. If you get a weird vibe, listen to yourself. Start saving now. Plan what you can early, but don’t be afraid to deviate from your idea in your head if you stay stuck on an idea you can’t compromise on then you won’t have joy planning your wedding. Oh and book Jerrick 😉

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