May 21, 2019

Noor Pasadena Wedding | Jerome & Lesley

NOOR Pasadena Wedding Photography in Southern California | Jerome & Lesley


Jerome and Lesley’s NOOR Pasadena Wedding was definitely one for the books! These two high school sweethearts tied the knot at one of the most GORGEOUS wedding venues in Los Angeles. Not only was the venue gorgeous, but these two love birds are absolute STUNNERS as well!

Jerome was dressed in a deep navy tux from Bachelor’s Formal Wear, while his groomsmen stood by his side in black tuxes- all of them looking so handsome! To compliment the dark navy and black, the bridesmaids were dressed in elegant muted coral gowns which looked absolutely perfect on every one of the ladies!

Lesley was an absolutely beautiful bride! With her hair and makeup done by Luong Lasting Hair and Makeup, a perfectly fitted sweetheart gown from Glamour Closet, and a smile that lit up the room, she had heads turning all day!

Although their wedding day was a bit overcast, and made us all a little bit nervous that there would be rain, it actually made for some amazing photos! NOOR has a dreamy outdoor ceremony space that made for the PERFECT setting for these two to tie the knot. Not only is the outdoor ceremony terrace at NOOR extremely beautiful, but their ballroom wedding reception space is out of this world! Thanks to Milk Events, every part of this NOOR Pasadena wedding was absolutely perfect!

Thank you so much Jerome and Lesley for having us! We wish you all the best and we can’t wait for all the future adventures ahead for you!

1) How did you both meet?  Who liked who first?

We first met in 2006, our junior year of high school. Lesley had transferred high schools and we became friends through basketball with our teams always hanging around each other.  Lesley believes that she liked Jerome first but Jerome believes otherwise. We both secretly liked each other throughout our entire friendship. After being friends for a year and having many missed connections, we started dating October 2007. It wasn’t until our senior year of high school that we really started to show how much we cared about each other. Having spent so much time together after basketball practices and hanging out all the time during school eventually developed into the beginning of our relationship. We had our first kiss on Lesley’s birthday after a basketball practice and taking her out to ice cream.

2) Tell us about your first date.  Who was more nervous? What did you guys do?

Our first date was sometime in November 2007. We spent so much time together at school and because of basketball so I (Jerome) eventually asked Lesley if she wanted to hang out on the weekend. There is nothing really romantic about our first date. What makes the night so memorable was how unmemorable it was.

On the way there, I (Jerome)  had missed the freeway exit so I had to call Lesley for directions. Lesley did not know the names of the streets so I ended up talking with her parents and her brother and they gave me directions to their house. Having her family give me directions made me way more nervous than I already was.

We went to IHOP on a Saturday night. I (Jerome) picked Lesley up from her house. Lesley was indecisive on where to go so we just settled for IHOP.

3) What’s the proposal story?  Give us all the details! Who cried first?

I proposed to Lesley on her 27th birthday, October 22, 2017. We had our first kiss on her birthday 10 years earlier, October 22, 2007, so her birthday has always had a more significant meaning to us. We had a cocktail party on Saturday, October 21 to celebrate her birthday with all of our closest family and friends. Everyone thought that I was going to propose that night, even Lesley. We celebrated with all of our loved ones into the late evening hours, making it one of her most memorable birthdays.

On the day of her actual birthday, I told Lesley that I did not have anything really planned since we had celebrated the night before. I told her that I had reservations for brunch in Laguna Beach.

We drove to the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach the morning of October 22. I told her that we were early for our reservation and had time to kill. With it being right above the coast, we walked around and started to take in how special of a time we had with all of our family and friends the night before and now together on her birthday at one of the most beautiful resorts we had ever seen. As we walked along the cliffside, both of our families were waiting for us to Lesley’s surprise.

Lesley was surprised to see everyone and believed that they were all joining us for brunch. After she was done greeting everyone, I started to tell Lesley how much I loved her and I proposed in front of both of families.

It was also the hottest day in October. I proposed to Lesley with the sun blinding me as I was looking up to her.

4) As you approach the wedding day, what have you both enjoyed most about the wedding planning process?

While the wedding process has been stressful at times, we both have enjoyed agreeing on almost everything.  We have the same style and taste in almost everything which has made the entire process easier than expected. Throughout the wedding process, we have seen eye to eye and have agreed to basically every little thing. This actually has made parts of the wedding planning process enjoyable.

5) What has been the hardest part about planning your wedding?

The hardest part of wedding planning is making time to do so. Working full time jobs take up most of our time. On top of that, life happens.  Making the time to sit down and do wedding stuff after a long day of work, doing your daily routine, and life just happening is difficult. On top of planning the wedding, work, and life, we have been working on remodeling our future home. Sometimes, there just is not enough time to get everything done. You have to sleep eventually.

6) Why did you choose your particular wedding and reception venue?

We both love the small town charm, history, and elegance of the city of Pasadena. There is something about the city’s energy and atmosphere that has always attracted us. We always imagined our wedding with a city-like aesthetic, as opposed to a natural and scenic wedding. Noor’s outdoor ceremony terrace is unique, having a beautiful 360 degree white drapery enclosing our entire ceremony. There is a feeling of intimacy, seclusion, and glamour despite being in the very heart of the city.

7) Where did you draw some of your inspiration from for your wedding day?

We wanted our wedding and our wedding day to embody who we are as people: simple and genuine. We both like the simple, contemporary aesthetic. From the decor, to the colors, to the small details, there is nothing loud or bold.. We wanted to make our wedding and wedding day seem effortless and simple. We want all of our guests to see and feel the authenticity of our personalities and our love for each other. We would not be here standing before each other if it were not for all of the relationships we have had with all of our guests. They all have made a little bit of who we are as people and a couple. If anyone knows us, seeing others happy makes us happy.

8) Where are you going for the honeymoon?  Are you excited? Why did you choose that destination?

We both decided that we were not going to start planning our honeymoon until after the wedding.

Vendors used for Jerome and Lesley’s gorgeous NOOR Pasadena Wedding:


FLOWERS: Irises Designs

PHOTO: Three16 Photography

VIDEO: Three16 Photography


DECOR: Milk Events

DJ: JJ the DJ

CAKE: Porto’s Bakery

MUAH: Luong Lasting Hair and Makeup

DRESS: Glamour Closet

GROOM’S SUIT: Bachelor’s Formal Wear



We were honored to work with so many incredible vendors this past weekend!


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