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At Three16 Photography, we love getting to capture each couple’s unique story. Shevannah and Nicholas are genuinely two of the kindest people we’ve met and had the pleasure of working with! Their Pasadena City Hall engagement session was such a perfect display of their genuine love for each other and pure joy and excitement for life! They made it easy to tell their love story in photos!

These two are getting married next month at The Red Horse Barn, and we’re so excited to be capturing their wedding day photography as well!

We also asked Nicholas and Shevannah a few questions about how they met, fell in love, and how the proposal happened! We hope you enjoy reading their answers and learning their love story as much as we did!

Q. How & when did you first meet? Describe your thoughts / how you felt about each other. Was it love at first sight?

A. Nicholas and Shevannah first met at work. Shevannah was his supervisor and thought Nick was a nice guy. She had no clue that he had a crush on her from the first time that he laid eyes on her.

Q. What do you both do for work?

A. Law Enforcement

Q. GROOM: What was it that made you first start liking your bride-to-be?

A. Shevannah is a very motivated and determined woman. She continually strives to improve herself. Shevannah is extremely beautiful, which didn’t hurt either. 🙂 With Shevannah being determined, she will push me to become a better man.

Q. BRIDE: What was it that made you first start liking your groom to be?

A. Nick was friendly, helpful, kind, hardworking, and brave enough to ask me, his former supervisor, out on a date, which is very rare and takes a ton of courage. His courage, boldness, hard work ethic, and jovial spirit are what intrigued me about him.

Q. Tell us about your first date. What was going through your mind? Where did you go, what did you do?

A. The first date was awesome and fun. We went to a delicious burger place and ate and talked for quite some time. As we talked, Shevannah thought about how sweet, innocent, and interesting Nick was. Nick carried on the conversation well, even though he was nervous and didn’t want to “mess up.” Shevannah thought that was cute. Shevannah told Nick that he scored “brownie points” from the beginning because he chose to ask her out in person rather than through text or phone calls. Once Nick heard that, he knew that he started out right with her. As the conversation progressed through the night, Nick and Shevannah really enjoyed getting to know one another. They enjoyed exploring each other’s personalities, likes, dislikes, childhood, etc. They were able to get a good idea of who each other was as a person. They both eventually relaxed and felt that the whole date went amazingly smooth and flowed well. Nick felt that he had a great time with an intelligent and gorgeous woman. Shevannah felt very blessed to be asked out by such a sweet, nice guy. From that day forward, Nick and Shevannah continued to date each other exclusively. That is where their lifelong journey began.

Q. What makes your relationship special? Tell us some things that you both value in your time together. (example: pushing each other to new limits, love to travel, huge comic book fans, foodies, etc.) What makes your relationship unique?

A. Our relationship is special because it is unlike any relationship that either of us has ever had and it is also the easiest relationship we have ever had. Our relationship is completely a match made in heaven. For the last 2 years, since the day we met, we have had fun and enjoyed life to the fullest together. We make each other smile, laugh, and remind each other frequently why we love each other. We enjoy traveling, going to professional football and baseball games, painting on canvas while drinking wine, hiking, trying new restaurants, eating delicious food and watching great shows, and movies, and going to concerts. Most importantly, we enjoy walking in our relationship with God together, supporting one another, and growing together. Our journey began 2 years ago and has been the best journey we have ever had. We love the road we are on and look forward to what God has in store for us ahead.

Q. Tell us about your proposal story! How / where did it all unfold? Who cried first? Were you surprised?

A. Nick told Shevannah that she needed to take a weekend off of work because he was taking her out of town. There was not a birthday or other special occasion, so Shevannah simply figured that Nick wanted to take her on a romantic weekend getaway. As they began their road trip, Shevannah figured that they were going to a tourist town a couple of hours away. Since they had been dating for over a year at that time, she thought that he might be planning to propose. However, as these thoughts went through her mind, she realized that they had missed the exit to go where she thought they were going. They continued on for another several hours and ended up in Southern California, which is where Shevannah grew up. They stayed at her parent’s house that evening and the next day Shevannah was surprised to find that her sister, brother-in-law, mother, and father all took the day off work to hang out with them. By this time, Shevannah had put the thought of Nick proposing out of her mind and simply figured that they were just on a little weekend trip to take a break from work, visit family and rejuvenate.

The day after arriving in California, Nick and Shevannah, and her family went to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. It was a place that Shevannah had not been to since she was a teenager and she had wanted to take Nick there as well as he had not spent much time in Southern California, since he grew up in Washington. Nick surprised Shevannah by taking her there, but she did not realize that this was not the only surprise that he had in store. After walking around for a while, we all made our way to the back of the observatory overlooking downtown Los Angeles. In front of about 75-100 people, Nick acted like he wanted to take a picture with Shevannah with the downtown Los Angeles skyline in the background. Shevannah was eager to take a photo with the nice backdrop but was wondering why Nick was pulling away from her as they were trying to take the photo. It was at that moment that Shevannah realized that Nick was about to propose. He got down on one knee and opened a small wooden box with a stunning ring covered in over 75 small diamonds and one large gleaming one! Shevannah said, “Yes!” and Nick noted that she cried first (which means he also shed a tear or two himself!) 🙂 Nick was true to form by being the very thoughtful person he is and involving Shevannah’s family in the momentous occasion since they are the people she loves most. The surprise proposal went off without a hitch and afterward, everyone went to a nice steakhouse for dinner. Shevannah was extremely impressed with Nick’s thorough planning and thoughtful proposal. She was thrilled to accept his offer for her to become his wife.

Q. What is one piece of advice you have for couples just beginning the wedding planning process? What have you enjoyed most about planning your wedding?

A. Start planning early! That means to start planning within a month or two after you become engaged. The entire process is completely time-consuming and it can be easy to underestimate the amount of time everything takes. Finding a venue and setting the date is the most important. Start there and then tackle the rest. Starting early will help you to pace yourself and not feel stressed trying to cram everything at the last minute. It also leaves you time for any needed changes or adjustments toward the end of the planning process. Talk out the details with each other, be patient with each other, and respect each other’s wishes while reaching suitable solutions for the both of you to have the day you are dreaming about. Appreciate the process for what it is. View it as fun. Make it fun and enjoy it.

Q. Anything else you want to add?

A. We are so excited about our lives together! We look forward to the journey and everything that God has in store for our future!

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Here they are the day of the proposal!

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Pasadena City Hall Engagement | Nicholas & Shevannah

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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