March 23, 2021

Vasquez Rocks Maternity Photography | Ricky & Cinthya


Los Angeles Family Photographer

We love when beautiful things happen for beautiful people. And Cinthya and Ricky are for sure, beautiful people. They have hearts for others and live life with so much positivity that it exudes onto anyone they come in contact with. We were fortunate to shoot their engagement photo session at three different locations back in 2019: the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles City Hall and The Geffen. Also, in 2019 we photographed their wedding at the Villa del Sol in Fullerton. And now, at Vasquez Park, we had the opportunity to photograph perhaps their most cherished moment, their Maternity Session. Ricky & Cinthya’s Vasquez Park Maternity Photos in Agua Dulce by Three16 Photography will bring you timeless photos to cherish throughout the years. What a thrill it is to see these two amazing people grow together in life.

While photographing at Vasquez Rocks, we chose to shoot the session closer to sunset so we can capture some really nice shadows into the photos. Cinthya and Ricky were great sports and were smiling ear to ear throughout most of the session. As you can imagine, we all had a great time during this time together.

Vasquez Rocks is a beautiful location that is filled with amazing natural backdrops for your maternity or even engagement photos to standout. It is primarily dirt and rocks, so the only greenery we’ll see is the occasional dessert-like bushes. Other than that, this location is truly at its best when we incorporate the unique rock formations. If you’re a nostalgia buff, these rocks have appeared in many movies, commercials, music videos and television scenes, so you may just recognize parts of it.

If you are going to be growing your family, there are three reasons we feel on why Maternity Photography can be such a blessing in one’s life.

  1. The photos are a great way to announce to your family and friends, or even on social networking, that you are having a baby.
  1. Maternity photography is a great way to capture the “glow” of your skin as pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. The joy of being pregnant and becoming a mom. And seeing the photos knowing that your child is being formed inside you.
  1. These photos are timeless pieces that you can share with your kids in the future. Their “first” photo session if you will.

I am super excited for these two. I have known Ricky for quite some time now as we are both vendors in the wedding industry and have worked the same events on a few occasions. Ricky is from VOX DJ’s, and since we are both friends and vendors, I like to think of him as a “friendor.” And then to see Cinthya come in and steal his heart and bring him so much happiness makes me incredibly happy for the both of them and their future children.

On behalf of the entire team at Three16 Photography, we wish nothing but the very best for Ricky, Cinthya and their growing little family.

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