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If you and your future spouse-to-be are sports fans, especially Los Angeles sports fans, then you may just want to consider Arena, formerly known as the STAPLES Center. The Arena is the sports and entertainment center of the world. STAPLES Center Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography will add some unique architecture from the home of your favorite sports teams that will enhance your Los Angeles engagement photos.

We have only shot engagement sessions around the outside of the building, but if you have deep enough pockets, Arena charges a hefty permit fee for photos inside the building. They will also work with you in setting up your day with your favorite team. For example, if you are a Lakers fan, then the court will be set up for a Lakers game. Kings fan? The ice will be waiting. You would have to coordinate everything with the Arena and have the schedule coincide with ours.

As for the outside of the Center, it is a really fun and unique place to shoot your engagement photos at. With the more modern architecture that the building brings, along with the various statues spread around of Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzky, Shaquille O’Neal and many other LA greats it is just something different than what you can get anywhere else.

If you opt for a Arena engagement photo session, here are a couple of recommendations. First, try to avoid having your session on a game day as the area starts getting crowded pretty early. This will cause having people in the background of your photos or people walking through the shot. That will take up much of your session time and you will not receive as many photos as you could get if we did the session on a non-game day.

The second recommendation would be that since there isn’t a lot to shoot here to fill up your entire time, we suggest adding a second location. You will have more contrast of photos and fill up your paid time frame. Unique places to consider that are near-by is the Los Angeles Union Station, Downtown Los Angeles and the Walt Disney Concert Hall, among others. There is also the Microsoft Theater right across the street.

So, again if you are a sports fan or better yet, a season ticket holder of any of these teams, then this location would fit you to a tee. Your personality would really come out in your engagement photo session when taking photos at Arena.

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