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One of the great things about being wedding photographers are all the beautiful golf courses at our exposal. Golf Course Weddings can make for some truly beautiful wedding photos, and we here at Three16 Photography specializes in taking wedding photos at golf courses throughout Orange County, Los Angeles and surrounding areas of Southern California.

Each golf course offers something different and unique. When searching golf courses for your weddings, take into consideration all the potential spots for your photography and whether or not they have locations at their facility that would make for good backdrops to your photos. This could be anywhere from fixtures, such as water fountains, bridges, statues, staircases to floral backgrounds, trees, or how the sunset hits the area if you are having a late afternoon service and reception.
Maybe the most important part of having your wedding is the area surrounding the ceremony location. Is the course grass green or has the weather killed off some of the grass and it is now browning? If dead looking grass is the view that your guests will have during your ceremony, that could leave them with a negative outlook to it, and that’s what will show in your ceremony photos too. Be sure they keep up the landscape before signing that contract.
Orange County has several golf courses to consider. Some of the locations include Tustin Ranch Golf Club, Old Ranch Country Club, Black Gold Golf Club, The Huntington Club, Marbella Country Club, Coyote Hills Golf Course, Strawberry Farms Golf Course, and one of our favorite golf course wedding venues, the Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park.

Outside of Orange County, there are some other great golf course wedding venues that you might find to your liking, such as Royal Vista Golf Club, Golf Club of California, Vista Valley Country Club and Boulder Oaks Golf Club.

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Advantages of a Golf Course Wedding Venue

  • The Beautiful Greenery and Trees of the Courses
  • Course Features (bridges, fencing, statues, benches, clubhouse/rec room)
  • Most Have Great Reception Areas and Food
  • Many Locations Allow You to Take Golf Carts During Your Photo Shoot

Disadvantages of a Golf Course Wedding Venue
  • If the Course is Not Maintained (brown grass and/or foliage)
  • Golfers May End Up in the Background of Your Photos
  • Some Courses Offer Nothing Besides the Course Greens
  • Lots of Walking if They Don’t Offer a Golf Cart

advantages  & disadvantages of a golf course wedding venue:

It’s rare that a golf course wedding does not have their act together when it comes to being a wedding venue as it has become a great source of income for the course owners. That said, look at the photos on our website, go and visit the golf courses themselves and gather as much information as you can, including seeing the views as you can so that you can make an informed decision.


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