Mission San Juan Capistrano

Setting: Unique

26801 Ortega Hwy
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

About Mission san juan capistrano

Odds are that if you grew up in Orange County you probably did a field trip to Mission San Juan Capistrano, while others might have had to construct a model of it for a school project. Now as adults, Mission San Juan Capistrano Engagement Photos by Three16 Photography will add some unique architecture that will enhance your engagement photos.

This is perhaps our favorite location to shoot Engagement Photography as there is so many unique features and history to this location that you don’t find in any other location in Orange County or Los Angeles. This beautiful Spanish Mission was founded on November 1, 1776 by Junipero Serra. It was the seventh of 21 missions that were established by the Spanish in California. So, the history of this location is incredible and even after all these years, the Mission is very well kept and maintained, and has become a daily museum, as well as many other activities throughout the year.

Some of the reasons we love this location is there so many unique features. As you walk the historic hallways, the bricks on the walls make for really great backdrops to your engagement photos. The architecture is also amazing with its archways and the water fountain; all make for unique backdrops that you cannot get anywhere else. But one of the most unique features is the Bell Wall, also known as Campanario. The is where the four bells sit on the tower, and even though only two of the original bells still work to this day, the details of the bells will make your photos simply pop with an amazing story to be told.

But with anything, there are a few restrictions in having your photo session at the Mission, but nothing that cannot be overcome. First, we need to schedule an appointment with the Mission in advance as they only allow a certain number of photographers shooting photos at the same time on the property. Their hours may differ depending on the time of year and they do require an hourly permit fee. Plus, aerial shots are not permitted and because it is church grounds, clothing attire must be appropriate.

Since the permit is at an hourly rate, we recommend if you are doing a 1-hour session that we spend the whole hour at the Mission. If you opt for a 2-hour session, we recommend spending the first hour at the Mission and the second hour taking some photos in the Los Rios District, which is walking distance from the Mission. If the Los Rios District is not what you would like, then there are the nearby beaches, such as Salt Creek Beach, Doheny State Beach or Capistrano Beach.

Lastly, there are several places to eat near the Mission after your photo shoot, do some shopping or we can meet with you after and talk more about the wedding itself.

Again, if you are looking for a very unique photo session, you might want to consider Mission San Juan Capistrano engagement photos. You can learn more about the Mission in San Juan Capistrano by visiting missionsjc.com.

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