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Treasure Island Beach

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7 Montage Way
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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As you can imagine being in Orange County, we do many photo shoots down at the beach with the natural beauty of all the great rock formations and beautiful scenery. Treasure Island Beach is an amazing beach with so many features that will be added into your photo session. Treasure Island Beach Engagement Photos in Laguna Beach by Three16 Photography will add some truly beautiful Orange County coastline to your engagement photos.

Treasure Island Beach has probably the best rock formations out of all the beaches within the Laguna Beach strip of beaches, and that includes Table Rock Beach, which is a personal favorite of ours. We truly love the scenery here. If you go one direction, you have the beautiful ocean water, go another direction you have the rocks and if you look back, you have the hills, the expensive homes and the fencing along the trail down to the beach. There is something unique no matter which way we face at this location and to us, that is what makes this beach fun.

Many of our couples’ request photos while standing on the rock formations, which is a great idea. Rock formations is probably our favorite part about shooting engagement photo sessions at the beach as the rocks will bring so much personality to your photos. However, if you decide you want to be on the rocks, we highly recommend wearing footwear that would be comfortable while on the rocks.

The challenges we face while shooting Treasure Island Beach engagement photos is that this beach can get a lot more crowded than Thousand Steps Beach or Table Rock Beach. The other challenge is the high tides. This is something we need to take into consideration and be watchful of the warnings. If the tides are high, it becomes nearly impossible to make it to the rock formations and if the tides are at its highest, then we won’t be able to get on to the beach itself because the tides will go all the way to the trail that leads to the sands.

In the event we get there, and high tide warnings are in place, we can go almost next door to the beach area that Goff Cove is located at, which is just under the Montage Laguna Beach. It will allow us to get some beach photos in without the same threat of high tide warnings.

So, if you are looking for engagement photography down at the beach and are looking for more rocks than sand, then we really recommend this location. You can learn more about the Treasure Island Beach by visiting

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