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When it comes to wedding venues here in Southern California, there are a lot of options to choose from. Of course, there are always the beach weddings, wineries, golf courses and others, but one of the venue options that can offer you something different are Estate Wedding Venues. Estate Wedding Venues make for terrific wedding photos and Three16 Photography can capture your wedding in Orange County, LA & all of Southern California.

Southern California is home to some really great estate wedding venues and each one offers their own unique touch and some of them have some sort of historical story line to them as well. Orange County has the Estate on Second and the The Estate. Los Angeles offers the Houdini Estate and Calamigos Ranch, while outside of these two counties there is the Newhall Mansion, Riley’s Farm or even the Harmony Estate. Of course, these are just a select few. To see more locations, continue to scroll down this page.

Photographing at the different estate wedding venues allows us to take a wide variety of photographs with all kinds of various looking backdrops that will appear in your background of your photos. And because each estate is different, those backdrops will offer different types of outdoor décor, especially with trees, gardens and outdoor fixtures, but there are also differences on the inside of the facilities that you won’t get anywhere else in other venues.

Of course, all venues, regardless of the type you opt for has its own pros and their cons. But if an estate location is what you are looking for, we’re sure you will make a great choice!

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Advantages of an Estate Wedding Venue
  • They typically setup for only one wedding per day, whereas other wedding venues can schedule from 2 – 10 weddings in one day at the same venue. Allows you to have the whole place to yourself without any time restrictions.
  • Estates are unusually more unique with a variety of different features than a typical venue would have.
  • The venue is typically beautiful with wonderful aesthetics. Makes for a more intimate affair and some really great photo opportunities.
  • They typically allow you more opportunity to design and create what you want, as well as bring in rental items of your choice.
Disadvantages of an Estate Wedding Venue
  • Although bringing in your own rental items could be an advantage, it could also be a disadvantage due to cost and logistics. You might have to rent your own chairs, tables, and the likes.
  • Some of the more beautiful estate venues are private properties and therefore you can only reserve it if you know someone. The ones listed on our page are open to the public.
  • Because they only do one event per day, availability is limited and goes fast. Be sure to book very early.

advantages  & disadvantages of an estate wedding venue:

With estate venues, you will have plenty of options. The design, the landscaping, and the history of these locations is so unique. Regardless, of which estate location you choose, they’ll assist you in making it fit your style.


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