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Being photographers gives us the ability to photograph you at some really great Southern California Parks. Whether it is for family photos, a wedding or engagement photography in a park, we know the end result will be amazing. Parks tend to allow everyone to be somewhat low-key and just have some with each other as everyone is playful and excited. Three16 Photography loves photographing your engagement at the many park locations in Orange County, Los Angeles and throughout Southern California.

Whereas ‘naturesque” locations such as Oak Canyon Nature Center, Holy Jim Trail, Northwest Open Space, among others, brings a great deal of nature, Parks can bring together the mix of nature and community. Parks often have a bit more than just nature as they may have boulders, bridges, streams, community buildings, sports fields just to name a few.

Orange County has several park engagement locations where we have enjoyed photo sessions at. Some of the locations include: Irvine Regional Park, Yorba Regional Park, Carbon Canyon Regional Park, as well as Craig Regional Park and Hillcrest Park. In Los Angeles County, Griffith Park is an awesome place for your photos, as well as Cal-Poly Pomona, Sculpture Garden and The Huntington Library & Gardens.

Other reasons we enjoy photographing at park engagement locations is the greenery you get as the parks are generally maintained by professional services versus nature locations. Grass is usually green, and the many trees will give you that forest-like feel to it, especially during sunsets. Other parks, such as Yorba Regional will have awesome ponds or lakes. Some parks will rent items out to you that we can incorporate them into your session. Imagine paddle boating on the lake or riding bicycles along the pathways?

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Advantages of a Park Engagement Location
  • The Beauty of Green Plant Life
  • Park Features (bridges, fencing, statues, benches, clubhouse/rec room)
  • Amazing Trees
  • Opportunity to Incorporate Things You Love (bike riding, picnics, etc)

Disadvantages of a Park Engagement Location
  • A Lot of People in the Background
  • Many Kids Yelling and Screaming (especially if there’s a sporting event)
  • Some Parks Have Nothing to Offer
  • Lots of Walking

advantages  & disadvantages of an urban location:

Park engagement locations can sometimes be a blank canvas for you to put your personality out on display. Having your Wedding, Engagement Session or other Family Photos taken at a local park makes for a great option.

Something to consider before having a photo session taken at a park, be sure to check with the park or the city if permits are required.


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Craig Regional Park

Hillcrest Park

Griffith Park



los angeles, CA

Montage Laguna Beach

Brand Library Park

Cal Poly Pomona

laguna beach, CA

glendale, CA

pomona, CA

Heritage Park

Heisler Park

Laguna Niguel Regional Park

laguna beach, CA

cerritos, CA

laguna niguel, CA

Moulton Meadows Park

Mile Square Regional Park

Coastal Vista View Park

fountain valley, CA

laguna beach, CA

newport beach, CA

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